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KMA E-Shop Advertising Policy:

Items Submitted On-line:

Items for sale, items wanted, employment opportunities, events and other things are welcome on KMA E-Shop. In addition to appearing in the on-line version of KMA E-Shop your submission could be read one time during KMA Radio’s Elephant Shop program.

All Ads submitted on-line will be posted for 7 Days unless removal is requested sooner. Once your item has sold, you have found the item wanted, your event has been held, you’ve found a job or filled a postion, it is your responsibility to request removal of your ad.

You may see on your credit card two .99¢ transactions. One of those two is an "Authorization" and will NOT be charged to your account. If you choose to submit your ad, you will only be charged .99¢.

Items Called Into The Live Radio Program or Delivered in Written Form to the KMA Studios:

If you called your item in to the radio program or if you brought a written listing into the KMA studios your ad will appear here for one day or until the next ads are posted.

List a price when selling and please, nothing from your business.
KMA E-Shop will not accept ads for firearms or ammunition.

If you are having problems submitting your item or to have your ad removed, please contact us via email: or call us at (800) 234-5622


You pay only 99¢. If the goal or objective of your ad is not realized within 7 days your ad will be removed or you may request that it be removed at any time. 

With you pay only .99¢. You locate the item you are seeking,  your event is successful, you are successful at hiring an employee, you find a job, etc. Our fee is very competitive and fair, considering the time and money spent in development, ongoing management and advertising.  We provide you with a forum to accomplish whatever your goal is.

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